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Based in Los Angeles and serving Greater LA area.


Years experience.

Business smarts for the bottom line.

Running a small business is already hard enough, you shouldn't have to fight with inadequate information systems to satisfy your customers. We can partner to set up more efficient point-of-sale terminals, CRM databases, robust endpoint protection, security hardening techniques, and more to grow your business, scale your infrastructure, and keep it all safe from hackers.

Home computer not working the way it used to?

macOS or Windows. Whether it’s a software tune-up or changing a few inexpensive components to extend the life of your computer for years we can help find a new level of performance for your computer. Also, we can expand storage for music, pictures, videos, and documents too so you don't have to make hard choices for what gets to stay and what has to go.

Every great PC should be on a great network.

Your house should not only have a very fast Internet connection, you also need to have a super-fast wireless network so your PCs and devices can take full advantage of the blazing Internet bandwidth speeds. We can help by setting up a wireless network using the latest tech and keep it safe from hackers and prying eyes.

Make a home office more like an office at home.

Just because your office is at home doesn't mean it can't have the conveniences of a real office like super-fast wireless, expansive network-based storage, wireless printing, VPN remote access, and more. All you'll need to bring is the coffee.

Home entertainment should be more kick-back than fumbling.

When it’s time for movie night at home the focus should be on the movie, not on the tech standing in your way to get to it working. You could be streaming your own TV, movie, photos, and music collections from to your TV, tablets and computers, and smartphone— even when you’re away from home. Some like to call this the “personal cloud,” we like to call this: how it should be.

What can we do for you? It's a long list.

Out-of-warranty Apple repairs
Computer recommendation and setup
Free computer hardware problem troubleshooting
Laptop and desktop repair (parts replacement, system reinstall, etc)
Custom PC design and build
Windows or macOS system software troubleshooting
Data and file recovery

Wireless network establishment
Wireless printing
Home server setup
Network storage solutions
Virtual Private Network (VPN)
Windows Server/macOS Server
Active Directory
Virtualization server setup (VMware)
Managed switch configuration
Printer setup and troubleshooting
Wireless network troubleshooting and optimization

Website creation
Website renovation
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) platforms

A home of the future...today.

A home is only as smart as the tech inside, we can bring that tech be it dimmable energy saving lights to the Google Nest® smart thermostat to smart door locks— all available from your smartphone. Never again have to worry if you locked the front door or didn't turn the porch light on.

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